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rajashthan places place to visit in punjabPunjab is an incredible tourist spot. It attracts many tourists every year. It is spread with plentiful historic sites, great architectural marvels of the Sikhs and clash grounds. Some of the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization are located in Punjab. Punjab is one of the most beautiful places to stay in the country. Punjab is a land where you find history, natural beauty; religion and legendary hospitality combine into one. Punjab is also famed as the land of five rivers, Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum. The people of Punjab will welcome you with open hands. The abundant green field, plentiful industrialized units, great climate of and five river of the state give the tourists lot to take pleasure in terms of calm waters and stunning waterfalls. Forts and palaces in Punjab boost view of the city.golden temple places to visit in punjan
Chandigarh is its capital city and Punjabi is the language generally spoken in the state. Punjab has the highest number of Sikh population in the world. The state has many manufacturing units and industries. Most of the industries in the state produce fertilizers, electrical goods, garments, sewing machines, scientific instruments and a host of other production units too. The Shivalik Hills and the Thar Desert form a portion of the state. Punjab has an extreme climate; it is either to cold or it’s too hot.

Lohri places to visit in punjabPunjab participates in almost all the festivals taking place in the country. The festivals of Punjab symbolize the vigorous and composite cultural tradition of our nation. Festivals like Lohri, Teej , Baisakhi and Basant are celebrated with a lot of grandeurinPunjab.

Punjabi culture and traditions are identified world-wide. Punjab is noted for its exuberant and colorful dance forms.Music and dance are central pillars of Punjabi culture. Punjab has many types of folkal dances ,among them bhangra and giddha being the most famous .Many non Punjabi tourist also getting in to Punjabi’s folkal dances,and enjoy the spirit of the dance. Some other Punjabi dance forms are Jhumar,luddi,dankara,julli,sammi,dhamal,jago,kikli,gatka;is a sikh marital art in which people use awords,sticks,and gagger.

place to visit in punjabThe cities of Patiala, Kapurthala and Ludhiana are popular for many monuments and splendid architecture. Golden temple in Amritsar is the main attraction of the Punjab tourism. Golden temple is also known as the Harmandir Sahib is one of the most holy places for the Sikhs.The boundary between India and Pakistan is called the Wagah Border, and it is located on the Grand Trunk Road. The flag lowering ceremony is attracts many tourist. Ludhiana is an remarkable place for shopping. The Qila Mubarak, which is also called the Patiala fort, has many ancient weapons, pieces of art and many amazing painting in its display section. Sheesh Mahal and Sukhna Lake are other tourist attractions in the state.