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Faridkot-panjab-places to visit in punjabPunjab state is distinctive in India because of its extraordinary natural beauty and the role it played in history of India. The state of Punjab is well known for its great advancements in industries, and agriculture, because of the sincerity and hard working Punjabis and it made revolutionary progress in agriculture and industrialization. Punjab is homeland of world famous religion Sikhism and the world famous Golden temple is the greatest attraction for Punjab tourism. The abundant green field, plentiful industrialized units, great climate and five river of the state attracts many tourists from worldwide. Forts and palaces in Punjab boost view of the city. Punjab is mainly known for its food, festival and warm people who welcome you with open arms and a smiley face.

Places to visit in Punjabtemple places to visit in punjab
Punjab state is gifted with a splendid beauty, natural landscapes, palaces, forts, museums, mosques, temples, beautiful gardens, and shopping malls ,star rank hotels – you will find place to visit in Punjab not deficient in anything.Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion. The Golden Temple is the main attraction of Amritsar. This Gurdwara was also known as the Harmandir Sahib, this was founded by Ramdas ji. The Golden temple is famous for its full golden dome. The Golden Temple is surrounded wagwa places to visit in punjabby a number of other famous temples like the Durgiana Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagha Border ; it is the Indo-Pakistan border. Anandpur Sahib is another holy Punjab travel destination Known to be the native land of Khalsa. Ram Tirth is another major city on Punjab tourism.
palace places to visit in punjabLudhiana is one of the centrally located cities of Punjab. It has both historical monuments as well as religious centers that attract tourists from all over the world. The important tourist destination in Ludhiana is Nehru Rose Garden, it representing 1,600 varieties of roses and it grant place for open ground relaxation. Tiger Zoo , It consists of varieties of tigers moving freely in the protected jungles.Other attraction of Ludhiana are Hardy’s World, Lodhi Fort, Punjab Agricultural University Museum, Rural Museum and War Museum .
Apart from this tourist also fascinated to visit the Art Gallery at Sheesh Mahal and Quila Mubarak in Patiala
Festivals in Punjabholi places to visit in punjab
Punjab participates in almost all the festivals taking h place in the country. The festivals of Punjab symbolize the vigorous and composite cultural tradition of our nation. Famous festival in Punjab are Holi:it is the festival of colors. People greet each other with colors and thus express the feeling of happiness. Sharing sweet food is an essential part of the festivities.

Baisakhi places to visit in punjabBaisakhi:the festival of Baisakhis is celebrated with cheerful music and dancing. It falls every year on 13th April. The Sikhs on this day visits the Gurdwaras and participated in the religious traditions, after it get over function ends with the community lunch.
divali place to visit in punjabDiwali:is the festival of brightness is celebrated by all peoples of Punjab to make it a great success. The lighting of lamps in this festival symbolizes the achievement of peace, health, affection.

Hotels in Punjabhotel place to visit in punjab
Punjab has many delightful hotels which suits every ones budget.These hotels are the combine of classical and modern trends of the services. There are many star rated hotels which provide services like accommodation facilities, restaurants, bar, conference halls; dinner halls and Services like Wi-Fi connectivity, and executives relax business Centre, boardrooms, and health and fitness facilities for all the guests and many more services which attract many visitors towards them. The one thing about Punjab which demarcates it from other states of India is its hospitality